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August 24, 2018  

By Jennifer Lynn Skelton    

Nicholas Dagostino, 29, the suspect arrested for a road rage shooting on Mason Rd. that injured a Katy mom in July, was arrested two days after being released on bond, for a second road rage shooting that took place in March.




The Katy community was on edge and rightly worried as Dagostino admitted to at least five previous shootings that had not been reported after being released on bond Tuesday, August 21. The police have been actively investigating the five previous road rage incidents and asked the public for help. The SUV shown below was used in the two incidents that he has been arrested for and possibly other shootings.

On Thursday, August 23, Dagostino was arrested for a second road rage shooting that took place on March 7, 2018. He is accused of shooting a woman in the arm at a gas station on the Katy Freeway from his SUV.

All of Dagostino’s social media pages were taken down on Thursday. He had a Facebook account, Instagram and Twitter pages. Posts on Facebook were filled with hatred towards many groups including women. Prosecutors believe that this hatred of women fueled the shootings.

Dagostino’s next court date is September 6, 2018. He is currently in jail on the new charge with a bail of $250,000.

He is represented by Ken Mingledorff (although court records currently show Judy Mingledorff as the defense attorney). Katy Magazine reached out to Dagostino’s attorney for a comment. Mingledorff stated,

‘Nicholas is very very sorry for mistakingly overreacting to perceived danger.’

Dagostino has updated his address since his first arrest, stating that he now resides in the Nottingham Country neighborhood off Westgreen between Kingsland and Highland Knolls. The Nottingham address is owned by a man and woman with the same last name of Dagostino. His previous address in July was listed in the Cimarron neighborhood off Cimarron and Mason just 1/2 mile from where the shooting took place.


Earlier in the day on Thursday, August 23, the Harris County court clerk was reporting that Dagostino had been arrested for Arson on Wednesday, August 22. Katy Magazine reported this information as seen in the screenshot below.

After working to investigate the circumstances regarding this arrest and reaching out to Dagostino’s attorney once again, this was proven to be a mistake. Another suspect is in custody charged with this crime…not Dagostino.

Mingledorff stated,

“That was a mistaken filing according to the clerk’s Office when the bondsman checked.”

Katy Magazine will post updates as they become available in this case.

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Share Katy Road Rage Suspect Arrested Again and Held on $250,000 Bond
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