Katy City Council authorizes use of $2.34M for 6 improvement projects around the city

Katy City Council authorizes use of $2.34M for 6 improvement projects around the city

The newly implemented Capital Improvement Project Map shows all current projects for the city of Katy and is updated every third Thursday of each month. (Screenshot courtesy City of Katy)

Six improvement projects around Katy worth $2.34 million in construction costs were approved by Katy City Council in a meeting March 28. These projects will address development, transportation and drainage issues.

Bids were awarded to several companies, with the city having accepted bids from the middle to the end of February, ARKK Engineer David Kasper said.

Kasper provided details on the six projects in a presentation to City Council. The projects are funded by the city’s fiscal year 2021-22 general and enterprise funds.

Detailed information about each of these projects, such as the type of work, photos, description, funding source and percentage completed, is available on the city’s website through the engineering department’s capital improvement GIS tool that maps the ongoing progress for improvement projects around the city. Updates are made every third Thursday of the month.

Pin Oak Road maintenance project

The city will remove the current concrete pavement and replace it with new concrete; apply a joint sealant; and perform minor storm sewer repairs on Pin Oak Road—south of I-10—and a portion of Kingsland Boulevard that is west of Pin Oak, Kasper said. This project also involves the restriping of Pin Oak Road from Hwy. 90 to Katy Flewellen Road. Teamwork Construction Services Inc. will complete the project.

Cost: $404,270

Timeline: April 18-July 17 (90 days)

11th Street water line replacement project

Scohil Construction Services will take on the project, which will replace the existing water line on 11th Street from Drexel Drive to Katyland Drive. The current water line is a 6-inch diameter iron pipe that will be swapped for an 8-inch diameter water line with new fire hydrants and service connections, Kasper said.

Cost: $288,683

Timeline: April 18-June 2 (45 days)

Ditch regrading and culvert replacement project

The ditch project is the first phase of a smaller-scale drainage improvement project to increase the system’s efficiency. It will replace driveways and culverts in eight different areas of the city, including on Pecan Lane, Oak Street, Y Street, Katyland Drive, Caloro Lane, Mockingbird Lane, East Elm Circle and Willow Lane, Kasper said. AR Turnkee Construction Company will handle the project.

Cost: $510,585

Timeline: April 18-Aug. 16 (120 days)

Lift station wet well rehabilitation project

This includes rehabilitation of the concrete basin in the existing main wastewater pump station at the city’s wastewater treatment plant, located at 25839 I-10 Frontage Road, Katy. The basin walls and several nearby manholes will be cleaned, and a corrosive-resistant liner will be applied by contractor T Gray Utility Aim, LLC to sustain the pump station for another 10-15 years, Kasper said.

Cost: $257,272

Timeline: April 18-June 17 (60 days)

Storm water pump station for wastewater treatment plant

The storm water pump station project includes enhancing small portions of the levee at the city’s wastewater treatment plant and installing a prefabricated stormwater pump station, which will help pump out any water that falls in large storm events, Kasper said. The partial levee will connect to the existing levee to encircle the plant. ZeusCon, LLC will take on the project, which will be funded by the city of Katy as well as a grant from the Texas General Land Office.

Cost: $729,287

Timeline: May 12-Sept. 24 (135 days)

Sanitary sewer rehabilitation project

Kasper said this project will rehabilitate the wastewater pipes on Griffin Lane and along 10th Street from East Avenue to Drexel Drive. It will also include extending the existing large diameter sewer pipes from the wastewater treatment plant across I-10, along Danover Road and upstream to Pin Oak Road near the American Furniture Warehouse, located at 500 Pin Oak Road, Katy. King Solution Services, LLC will perform this work, Kasper said.

Cost: $159,522.75

Timeline: April 18-June 17 (60 days)

For more information about capital improvements for the city of Katy, email [email protected] or use this tool from the city’s website.

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