Ivybrook Academy A Progressive Approach to an Early Childhood Education

Ivybrook Academy A Progressive Approach to an Early Childhood EducationIvybrook Academy is a brand-new Private Pre-School in the Katy area. The school is excited to join the community and welcome families into their school.

At Ivybrook Academy, they believe that every child should have a curriculum that follows each child’s academic pace. Their curriculum is a hybrid curriculum that implements Montessori and Reggio Education philosophies.

Ivybrook Academy offers a Half-Day Pre-School program that offers morning or afternoon sessions for children 18 months to five years of age. The Academy offers a diverse discovery enrichment program that is embedded in curriculum, and classroom schedules that include Spanish, Art, Music, Yoga and Library.

Ivybrook Academy’s philosophy is that children’s interests should be respected as they learn to ask questions and explore the environment around them. Their approach to Multiple Intelligence Research, with a mix of aesthetic classrooms, allows children to explore, create, problem solve and work collaboratively with others.

Ivybrook Academy is passionate about building a strong relationship with their families, community and committed educators. They look forward to welcoming everyone to Ivybrook Academy, and cannot wait to share more about their curriculum and teaching philosophies.

Ivybrook Academy officially opens on July 11th with Summer Camp running July 11th thru August 5th. Visit https://ivybrookacademy.com/katy-tx-campus/ or call 281.909.4411 for more information. Ivybrook Academy is located at 3120 Peek Road in Katy.

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