Family Business and Family Life


Family Business and Family LifeOperating a family-owned business can offer flexibility in your family life. Small business can mean long hours, but a family business allows for “extra” coverage and flexibility to go to the children’s appointments, games and competitions.

Today’s technology keeps us in touch when we are on the go. Smartphones, tablets and other devices enable us to keep everything under control from nearly anywhere. This allows us to work after hours and even weekends without missing all of the milestones.

Sometimes work time and family time combine in a positive way. When this happens, it feels like you are no longer working at all. Working with family has other advantages as well. Having a deep familiarity can help with the anticipation of expectations. Also, family is easily accessible for clarification conversations or a quick pep talk.  Having employees/family all on one calendar helps everyone know exactly where they need to be, when and why. This is a real benefit when the unexpected appointment or illness pops up.

We can quickly and accurately expedite changes that will be clearly understood. Family working together as a unit is a site to behold. It is hard to imagine a more solid team. Hurdles are approached with a common goal in mind but from many angles. Successes are celebrated joyfully as a group. The excitement of reaching for the next level or phase is felt by all. Creating and operating a family business while living in that community is a most rewarding venture.

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