Katy ISD Celebrates Employees, Retirees at Annual Service Awards Ceremony

At this year’s Katy ISD Employee Service Awards program on April 5, the District honored more than 600 employees and retirees for their careers in education.

Katy ISD Celebrates Employees, Retirees at Annual Service Awards Ceremony

Board Member Rebecca Fox, Board Member Dawn Champagne, Board Member Lance Redmon, Board President Greg Schulte, Dee Archibald – Katy ISD 35 year employee, Superintendent Ken Gregorski and Board Member Leah Wilson.

Katy ISD employees who have dedicated 15 to 40 years of service to the District, as well as retirees, were recognized for their commitment to student excellence and for making Katy ISD one of the best school districts in the state of Texas. When retirees bid farewell, they will collectively represent more than 5,400 years of experience in education.

“I am delighted to celebrate the milestone that each of our staff members has reached this year, as well as recognize the commitment they have demonstrated to the students, our colleagues and families of this District,” said Greg Schulte, Katy ISD Board President.  “On behalf of the Board, we have the deepest admiration for all you have accomplished, and the foundation you have laid for future students and staff,” added Schulte.

Additionally, Katy ISD employees who have served 35 and 40 years in the District were honored during the ceremonyEmployees with 35 years of service include:

  • Dee Archibald
  • Stacey Cave
  • Arturo DeLeon
  • Debbie McGuire
  • Brenda White

As a token of appreciation, 40-year employees were given a commemorative award for their dedication to creating a lasting legacy among students and staff at Katy ISDEmployees with 40 years of service include:

  • Gary Joseph
  • Joy Patel
  • Adena Sealock.

“Alongside the skills and talent each of our employees brings to the table, the relationships our employees have developed with each other and with the students, have set the groundwork for enriching and engaging learning environments across our 73 campuses and facilities,” said Dr. Ken Gregorski, Superintendent of Schools at Katy ISD.  “I would like to personally say to all our employees that I truly appreciate your service to Katy ISD.”

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