Harris County commissioner launches crime task force

Harris County commissioner launches crime task force

A county commissioner has launched a crime task force. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)

Harris County Commissioner Tom Ramsey met with representatives from several local law enforcement agencies Jan. 13 to discuss crime reduction strategies, according to a news release. Officials said Ramsey plans to host regular task force meetings and, based on the information shared, develop recommendations for the court to consider moving forward.

Ramsey said the launch of the task force was a response to an increase in crime, citing more than 600 homicides countywide in the past year.

Agencies in attendance included four county constable offices and six city and neighborhood police departments. According to the release, officials discussed successful tactics, shared their departments’ needs and identified potential areas of collaboration.

“Harris County has become synonymous with Gotham City, and it’s sad. I and the brave law enforcement leaders here with me are ready to get our cities and county back from the dangerous individuals who are overrunning them. There’s a lot of great minds coming together here, and I’m excited to see all that will come of this,” Ramsey said in a statement.

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