Feeling Old? Maybe It’s Your Thyroid

Feeling Old? Maybe It’s Your Thyroid

Are you too young to feel so old? Symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, achy joints, loss of stamina, weight gain and feeling cold may be inevitable signs of aging, but maybe not. Hypothyroidism is perhaps the most common hormonal problem affecting men and women today. Hypothyroidism can affect young or old, male or female. But the lab reports that your thyroid hormone levels are “normal.” Now what?

Undue emphasis may be placed on hormone levels. Such an emphasis causes symptoms to be ignored. This is why many hypothyroid individuals are overlooked. The fact is that each individual is different, and each of us has our own optimal thyroid hormone level.  One size does not fit all. So, your thyroid hormone level might be in the normal for someone else, but is it optimal for you. Symptoms provide the likely answer. If you have symptoms then something is wrong.  We use the word “symptoms” to describe things that are not normal.     

Think about this:  You and your symptoms are the reality. You know how you feel; the lab doesn’t. Therefore, maybe it makes more sense to recognize individuality and look at symptoms first and lab values second.    

Dr. David P. Sheridan believes that symptoms might best be evaluated and then treated in a thyroid hormone context. A “therapeutic trial” of natural thyroid hormones is safe and may help.  Thyroid hormones are normal body compounds. Rather than introducing something foreign, we are simply adjusting hormone balance. Together, let’s search for an answer. Call 281-705-6690 or email Dr. Sheridan at dps@pmlctex.com for a free e-booklet.

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