Cypress Christian School focuses on developing students to their max potential

Cypress Christian School focuses on developing students to their max potential

“What’s next for Cypress Christian School?” is a common question that Head of School Dr. Jeffrey Potts often gets, and he said his answer might surprise people.

“Many people would expect us to talk about our 40-acre Bridgeland campus opening in the fall of 2025, but that is not the way we see things. The way we see things is, it’s not what is next, but Who is first. For us, that is Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior,” Potts said. “Every day we get up and do our dead-level best to pursue Him and bring Him glory. If we do that, everything else that matters will be taken care of.”

The school’s enrollment is currently 757 students, which is the largest in the school’s 45-year history since opening in 1978. The school is also outgrowing its current campus with a 95% retention rate. The move to Bridgeland will enable Cypress Christian School to prosper and thrive in a new setting while maintaining a feeling of home, where students can foster community and participate in daily life together.

“We want to strive every day to be authentically Christ-centered in pursuing excellence. Bridgeland is something that is exciting, and many people are migrating to us,” Potts said. “People will see this as an opportunity for us to get bigger, but we do not value growth for growth’s sake. I constantly say that bigger is not better, better is better.”

As the school transitions to its new campus, Potts said it will not come at the expense of the long-standing culture and identity.

“While many people will say it’s because we won the state championship in football and are named Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Private School Team of the Year because it catches a lot of headlines, that is only a part of what allowed us for the second consecutive year to win the Henderson Cup,” Potts said. “What people might not know is that you cannot win a Henderson Cup without strong academic programs, fine arts and girls athletics.”

A total of 58 percent of the total points earned leading to the 2022 Henderson Cup win by the school were earned by academics, fine arts and girls in athletics. Of the 200 schools that competed for the Henderson Cup across six divisions, CCS had the second highest point total.

“Being named the top 4-A private school in Texas is an honor, but we want to measure against a standard of what our potential is,” Potts said. “I don’t think we have gotten close to tapping our full potential in all areas–academics, the arts, athletics–and most importantly, what we do with the community. However, we are by this standard exceptional and don’t want to take that for granted for the honor it is.”

The accolades also extend to the school’s graduating seniors. For example, the class of 2022 received more than $7.5 million in merit-based scholarships for 63 seniors who were accepted into prestigious college programs such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rice University, the United States Military Academy at West Point, Baylor University and Texas A&M University. Additionally, 13 CCS seniors signed college letters of intent for athletic scholarships.

Potts said the school looks at success at an individual level with students.

“Every student has God-given talent. It might not be something that is recognized easily, but we believe every child is blessed by God,” Potts said. “Our standard of measure for success is to help uncover where each student is gifted and maximize it, fan that flame and help them understand that their gifting is no less important than someone who is receiving public accolades, because God has gifted them all.”

At the end of the day, CCS is known for its culture and sense of community that fosters an environment of caring for one another.

“It’s something that is very hard to describe, but you feel it when you step on this campus. You have to experience it at a ball game,” Potts said. “You have to come here while we are just doing life here together. We are family, and that is the best part of this place.”

For more information about CCS, visit their website or call the Admissions Office at 281-469-7745 to schedule a tour today.

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